MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasizing the most potent active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and AHAs. For a woman who takes care with her appearance, but who is also alive, vibrant, ultra-expressive and passionate.

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MATIS Daily Exfoliating Face Gel (150ml)

2 in 1 essential product.This ultra cool blue gel is a 2 in 1 cleanser and exfoliator. It has exfoli..

R550 Ex Tax: R478

MATIS Delicate Moisturising Cream (50ml)

A mist of hydration on the skin.The Delicate Moisturising Cream contains carefully selected active i..

R970 Ex Tax: R843

MATIS Densifiance Night Cream (50ml)

The restructuring evening care.When used in synergy with the Intensive Remodeling Care for an advanc..

R1,995 Ex Tax: R1,735

MATIS Energizing Shower Gel 2 in 1 (200ml)

For an invigorating and energising wake-upThis gel is a hair and body cleanser. Energizing and stren..

R435 Ex Tax: R378

MATIS Essential Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Unctuous and light foam especially for the skin liking water.With its fine and velvety texture, the ..

R570 Ex Tax: R496

MATIS Essential Lotion (200ml)

A true pre-treatment to complete the cleansing step and moisturize the skin.Alcohol-free, the Essent..

R480 Ex Tax: R417

MATIS Essential Micellar Water (200ml)

An express anti-pollution make-up removal care, Essential Micellar Water gently captures and elimina..

R545 Ex Tax: R474

MATIS Essential Moisturising Body Lotion (200ml)

A smooth cream wrapping the body in a soft cocoon.The Essential Moisturizing Body Lotion is a cocoon..

R560 Ex Tax: R487

MATIS Hyaluronic Performance (50ml)

24-hour scientifically proved continuous hydration and 3D replumping action.A deliciously light and ..

R1,245 Ex Tax: R1,083

MATIS Hyaluronic Performance Toner (200ml)

A new beauty pre-treatment routine.With its preparatory corrective effect on the face, it helps to c..

R530 Ex Tax: R461

MATIS Olea Skin (50ml)

A fortifying cream for very deficient mature skin.Intended for consumers as of 60 and more, the Reso..

R2,380 Ex Tax: R2,070

MATIS Pure Lotion (200ml)

An alcohol-free lotion which is a delight for combined to oily skin-types.The Pure Lotion perfects t..

R445 Ex Tax: R387

MATIS Radiance Cream (50ml)

The complexion perfector skin care.A daily care to help enhance and improve the skin quality and res..

R1,135 Ex Tax: R987

MATIS Radiant Cleansing Water (200ml)

A cleansing miscellar water that gently cleanses and exfoliates.Radiant Cleansing Water is a cleansi..

R540 Ex Tax: R470

MATIS Sensibiotic Cream (50ml)

This cream has the power to re-balance bioflora and preserve the skin barrier...

R1,115 Ex Tax: R970

MATIS Sensidemak Mist (200ml)

Perfecting essence, sensitive skins This essence perfects makeup removal by bringing softness and fr..

R460 Ex Tax: R400

MATIS The Lotion (200ml)

A revitalizing effect with this alcohol-free tonic.Toning, stimulating and alcohol- free, this tonic..

R585 Ex Tax: R509

MATIS The Milk (200ml)

A creamy velvety cleansing milk.Fluid and unctuous with a soft, silky texture, it eliminates all tra..

R585 Ex Tax: R509

MATIS Time Balance (50ml)

A compensatory cream with Omega-3.Targeted and essential response to bring harmony to the skin weake..

R2,235 Ex Tax: R1,943

MATIS Youth Hand Cream SPF10 (50ml)

Wraps the hands in softness.This care moisturises and nourishes hands aggressed permanently by the s..

R290 Ex Tax: R252