Kalahari Ancient Desert Secrets

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Kalahari Activated Charcoal Mask

A deeply purifying and clarifying treatment mask suitable for the effective removal of impurities, b..

R396 Ex Tax: R344

Kalahari Alpha Lipoic Complex (50ml jar)

Kalahari Alpha Lipoic Complex (50ml jar)This new generation Alpha lipoic antioxidant complex is just..

R621 Ex Tax: R540

Kalahari Anti-Ageing Gel (35ml)

Kalahari Anti-Ageing Gel (35ml)A highly effective, gel treatment with Calendula Flower Extract and W..

R211 Ex Tax: R183

Kalahari Anti-Puffiness Eye Serum (15ml)

Kalahari Anti-Puffiness Eye Serum (10ml)A fast absorbing, treatment gel with phyto-effective ingredi..

R278 Ex Tax: R242

Kalahari Bath and Shower Gel (160ml)

Kalahari Bath & Shower Gel A luxurious botanical extract base Bath and Shower Gel that will..

R240 Ex Tax: R209

Kalahari Body Journey Kit

Kalahari Body Journey KitThis is a perfect travel kit that contains a selection of travel size body ..

R320 Ex Tax: R278

Kalahari Collagen Gold Eye Patch Set New

Kalahari Collagen Gold Eye Patch Set

Collagen Gold Eye Patch SetThe Hydrating Collagen Eye Patches consist of a Hydrogel base that is sci..

R46 Ex Tax: R40

Kalahari Collagen Lip Mask (Sachet) New

Kalahari Collagen Lip Mask (Sachet)

Collagen Lip Mask (Sachet)The Collagen Lip Mask is infused with hydrolysed collagen that softens the..

R50 Ex Tax: R44

Kalahari Desert Mineral Exfoliator (200ml)

Kalahari Desert Mineral ExfoliatorAn luxurious mineral based exfoliation infused with rich botanical..

R385 Ex Tax: R335

Kalahari Enzyme Face Buff (50ml)

Kalahari Enzyme Face Buff (50ml)The Enzyme Face Buff contains vegetable and fruit enzymes that break..

R213 Ex Tax: R185

Kalahari Essential Daily Moisturiser (60ml)

Kalahari Essential Daily Moisturiser (60ml)Apply a small amount of moisturiser onto a clean, dry fac..

R238 Ex Tax: R207

Kalahari Evening Moisturiser (50ml)

Kalahari Evening Moisturiser (50ml)A nourishing evening moisturiser that contains numerous plant-bas..

R255 Ex Tax: R222

Kalahari Facial Cleanser (160ml)

Kalahari Facial Cleanser (160ML)A gel-based Facial Cleanser rich in botanical extracts of Rooibos Te..

R219 Ex Tax: R190

Kalahari Facial Silicone Exfoliator New

Kalahari Facial Silicone Exfoliator

Kalahari Facial Silicone Exfoliator The Kalahari Facial Silicone Exfoliator is a highly effecti..

R66 Ex Tax: R57

Kalahari Ferulic CEB Serum New

Kalahari Ferulic CEB Serum

A concentrated, superoxide serum. This serum is a high-potency phytochemical antioxidant that boost..

R320 Ex Tax: R278